Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 23

I did most of this stuff very quickly and will (if it remains online which I hope it will!) be going back. Since I learn by trying I tended to go right into the very basic part of the assignment -- also because I had very little time.

Thought it was great to have all the resources consolidated. Now I need to go back and do the reading.

Thanks for having this! Hope it remains accessible for awhile.

Thing 22

I plan to keep up by going back over the material and SLOWLY try some of the sites! Obviously just getting started.

Thing 21

Signed up for the 23 things. A little difficulty posting picture -- did one with two small resolution.

Thing 20

Opened a Facebook account and managed to obtain 5 friends vs. the usual 360. I had joined one silly group and a very broad network. A little concerned about privacy (although I know you can change your settings, etc.). Our library has it. Keep finding new ways to personalize it.

Thing 19

Did the bloglines thing with the RSS feed for song of the day from MPR. That will get me started.

Thing 18

Testing the Youtube video

Just interested in trying this from Youtube.

Thing 17

Went in and set up the accounts. Will have to save the rest for after the course. I'm definitely doing "23 things light" but getting what I need out of it -- places to start.