Monday, February 18, 2008

Stick 4 or Women with great outfits: Alice Breen, Grace Moonan Castor

I have a flickr account and am testing using flickr to blog ('tis a verb as well as a noun) this photo. Will have to figure out which thing on a stick requirement this fulfills.

I've been working with creating sets and uploading.

These are part of my genealogy photos, second in interest to general web users to the pictures of cats and items on my desk. Yes, I do need better content, but I'm learning! I will return to RSS feeds soon.

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--Deanna said...

What a wonderful picture! I love to look at old photos like that - hadn't thought to search Flickr for them.

It looks like you may have gotten sidetracked on 23 Things, but I hope you'll keep at it! The website will still be available, and there might be a "second chance" round, so keep an eye out and keeping blogging! :)